Sunday, November 28, 2010

A simple thank you

We often hear of random acts of kindness that take place. Sometimes, it is an encouraging word or a simple smile. I, like many others, have often been on the receiving end of these acts. From phone calls to letters to personal visits, it has been made apparent the amazing support group that exists within my life.

There is a group of people, in particular, that have continuously stepped forward to show their support. I owe more to these individuals than the simple "thank you" that I have uttered time and time again. For now, though, let it be known that the following list of people have made an everlasting impact on my life, and I am undoubtedly grateful for their friendship.

Without further ado, my sponsors for the International Leadership Seminar for State Officers in Argentina are...

Pete and Dana Wilson
Tom and Ida Moran
John and Susan Richardson
Vesper Ranch- Dick, Leslie, and Kelly Vesper
Rancho Poco Mo- Dan and Carolyn Moran
Corazon Cattle Company- Paul Donisthorpe
Grandview Farms- Delmo and Wilmuth Payne
Corporron Acres- Jim Corporron
Bobby and Melinda Paret
Double TT Ranch- Wylie and BJ Taliaferro
Lazy E Ranch- John and Mary Wilson
Dos Bros Ranches Cattle Division- Rodney and Barbara Corporron
Wendt Ranches- Dan and Jane Wendt
Mike and Anne Wirtz
Tucker Blair
Tom and Debbie DuBois
Donny and Joy Minix
Jerome and Jane Urbanosky
Briggs Ranches
Mark and Allison Wells
Scott, Judy, Brett, and Brooke Wallace
LMR Ranch- LeRoy and Mary Moczygemba
Roland and Elia Sanchez 
Lee and Ramona Bass
Rosemary and AJ Gambino- Rose Hill Ranch
Donnell and Kelli Brown

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